Maximize Your Mobile App’s Ad Revenue with AlgoriX: A 2020 Guide to Mobile Game Monetization

Ever since the rise of smartphones, mobile apps have given solutions to the world’s problems. App developers created breakthroughs over breakthroughs, but this generation of mobile problem-solving is just starting. Android users alone have 2.46 million apps to choose from, so how do mobile app developers maximize their chance to greater ad revenue? Read this article to master mobile game monetization.

Hit the Right Market

In-App advertising may be similar to traditional, but when it comes to reaching audiences, it’s not about getting as many views as you can anymore. Nor is it just about gender, age, or location. You have to understand the behavior of your market because you are now targeting them directly. Digital is all about the personalization of ads. With programmatic, you can actually gather your market’s attitude towards ads, so you can make sure that the ads you publish are effective. Remember, no matter how much banners or rewarded videos you feed to your users, your ad revenue will plummet if they don’t interact with your ads.

Publish User-Friendly Ads

It is a no-brainer that your audience uses different mobile devices. Have you checked your ads lately? How do your users view your ads? Are your ad placements effective for different mobile devices? Now that you know which ads you should use, you should now know if you’re putting your ads in the right place. Determine what works best for your market. Should you use Mobile Rich Media for high engagement and conversion? Are you sure your user is going to see your Adhesion Banner? How certain are you that someone’s going to notice your slider ad?

Make Your Users Interact with Your Ads

Rewarded Videos are most effective with mobile gaming apps and the ultimate trick to actually persuading your users to be interested is to make them interact with your ads. Choosing interactive ads is a win-win-win situation. Your users have fun with your ads which results in conversion. In return, your ad revenue increases. However, not all advertisers provide interactive ads, but if you have a chance to publish one, make sure to put them in your rewarded videos.

Test Your Ads

Even if you have done all the three tips above flawlessly, none of your ads will work if you don’t test your ads. It is highly recommended that you follow the A/B testing or also called split testing. Its function is to help you determine which elements or features work best for your users.


With AlgoriX Mobile Ad Exchange, we will help you maximize your ad revenue, because we value results. With years of experience in the business, we have a team of experts in mobile app monetization. Moreover, we work with top DSPs and media buyers to provide high-quality ads that not only work but also convert. Adaptation and evolution are two words we believe in the most. In this ever-changing industry, we’ll lend you a hand so you won’t get lost in all the trends and fads of mobile monetization.

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