Insider Secrets REVEALED: 3 Easy Yet Effective Tips to Mobile Game Monetization

There might be three reasons you clicked on this link. First, you’re thinking about creating your own mobile game app, so you want to see if you can get a return on your investment. Second, you’re already developing your mobile game, so you’re getting ready to find ways to effectively monetize through your app. Third, you already have a mobile gaming app on Google Play or the App Store, but you’re having a hard time earning revenue.

Luckily, those three questions can be answered in three easy ways. It’s much simpler than you think it is. Just follow these quick steps and you’ll be maximizing your app revenue in no time.

Be Strategic With Your In-App Purchases

When you create In-App Purchases, you have to keep in mind that consuming is a behavioral trait. That’s why you have to always know your users. You can create the most creative in-app purchase, but if it doesn’t appeal to your audience, it won’t sell.

One strategy is to design personalized items because users will always have a need to stand out among other users and making them feel that their items are personal will increase the chances of purchasing. Another one is pretty basic. Offer consumables. According to Flurry, 68% of 57 million in-app purchases on both iOS and Androids are spent on products like coins or tokens. That’s why you also have to find a way to make your users feel the need to buy your consumable items.

Be Consistent with Promotions

Use the power of social media to promote your mobile games. Always keep in mind that brand recall is very important when converting non-users to download your app. The more you remind your target market about your app, the more it gets downloaded, the more you get paid. Utilize ads to reach specific people that will most likely enjoy your app.

Creating a website as a landing page or a gateway to your Google Play or App Store download page is also an effective way to build your audience. You can also insert blogs and other features, so you can maximize on reaching your market organically.

Be Smart With Ads

Publishing ads on your mobile game is the most effective way to earn revenue. Especially if your app is free. When you work with AlgoriX, we can help you connect with the world’s top DSPs and media buyers. This way, you are guaranteed the best offers and increased revenues.

You might think, ‘Why do I need to work with an ad exchange if media buyers can come directly to me?’ Well, the biggest advantage you’ll have when working with us is we provide access to top advertisers all at once. With our AI-powered platform, we can help determine which ads best suit your audience and deliver the highest eCPMs. Having the data that AlgoriX can provide is your key to a successful app monetization strategy.


And that concludes AlgoriX Ad Exchange’s three quick tips on mobile game monetization. The bottom line in this article is to always do your research. Especially for your market because you can create the most effective promotions and in-app purchases, but if you didn’t make them for the right users, you won't be able to get conversions.

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