Future of Mobile Advertising 2020 Guide

People around the world are seeing one common phenomenon. The time spent on mobile devices is increasing and there are no signs of it slowing down. If you’re a marketer and still not paying attention to the growing mobile industry, you are going to be left behind. To present you with some figures, global internet users are spending 69% of their time on the internet using mobile. That is a 7:3 ratio of mobile vs. desktop! With this data in mind, more and more businesses are embracing the concept of mobile-first. Here are some of the trends to keep your mobile strategy up to date and optimize your marketing campaigns in 2020.

Make Mobile Apps Your Best Friend

90% of the time spent on mobile is spent on apps and this varies from messaging, games, media, and others. A mobile device is usually used by one person, unlike a desktop or laptop. This means that the behavior of a person is deeply connected to its mobile device. Just think about a day in your life. Almost no one can leave their homes without their phones. This connectedness makes in-app perfect for an advertiser who values personalization and customer experience.

Device IDs Are More Appetizing than Cookies

Cookies refer to snippets of code used to track a user’s behavior from website to website. Recently, however, more and more marketers use Device IDs instead of cookies to gather user data. With Device ID, advertisers can see a more holistic view of their targets by accessing GPS location, device type, OS, and even gender and age. This allows them to craft a message that truly resonates.

Games are for everyone

Gaming isn’t just for kids. In the US, over 23% of mobile game users are over 55 years old and 63% are female. Mobile game users exert money, energy and time on the mobile games they are passionate about. In fact, 56% of gamers play more than times per week. This gives advertisers a diverse audience to leverage.

Experiment with Ad Format

Rewarded video is one of the most accepted in-app add with a 68% positive attitude towards the ad category. Viewers are motivated to keep on watching thus, making this the perfect way to communicate with users. However, having said this, marketers should continue to explore and experiment with other ad formats.

Get Serious about Brand Safety

The last but most important aspect to bring in your mobile-first journey is prioritizing brand safety. Doing so not only prevents losses due to ad fraud, but it also safeguards your brand reputation. Consortiums like MRC help combat ad fraud and establish a clean and safe marketplace.


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