From reach to engagement: AlgoriX’s Ultimate Guide to Mobile Advertising

It’s no secret that mobile advertising is an effective means to reach your target market, but have you ever considered its big impact on today’s advertising? There are over 780 million smartphone users in China alone. Meanwhile, according to George Slefo, online ad revenue totaled to $88 Billion.

Given this opportunity, how are you going to maximize your reach and garner engagements through your ads? Follow this article for a quick, yet effective guide to mobile advertising.

Video Advertising

Compelling storytelling works best when you use videos to communicate with your audience. According to Youtube, mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year. In addition, a third of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices according to Forbes.

To maximize your chances for engagement on your ads, we suggest the following tips:

  1. Optimize your videos for different types of mobile devices and or internet bandwidths.

  2. Limit your videos to 90 seconds second. (The shorter, the better.)

  3. Show your brand during the first five seconds. Remember that consumers have short attention spans.

  4. Get creative. Know what makes your market smile.

Gamified Ads

Gamified ads have been taking over the mobile advertising era and there’s no stopping them. This type of ad is the perfect way for your consumers to connect with your brand. According to this 2016 report, gamified ads had 7.44% more engagements than static ads. It’s fun and engaging, yet temporary, so your market will be wanting more from you.

Here’s how you can create entertaining gamified ads.

  1. As always, optimize every aspect of your ad. Not all devices are suitable for heavy elements.

  2. Unlike video ads, make your branding lowkey. Too much branding can drive consumers away.

  3. Keep it simple. Just like how Google Chrome created the jumping dinosaur games when you don’t have internet, your ad must be easy to engage with.

  4. It’s a hard balance to maintain, but although you need to keep your brand lowkey, it still needs to be visible.

Native Mobile Ads

Although innovation is great, it's also good to use the tried and tested. The best thing about native ads is you can still communicate with your audience without interrupting them during their mobile activities.

Here’s how you can get your audience’s attention:

  1. Write a direct, but clear copy. With just 3 to 7 words, the consumers must be able to absorb and comprehend your headline.

  2. Create an eye-catching design. Copy is king, but a clever design gets people’s attention.

  3. Branding is everything. Make sure that your logo is the first thing your audiences notice when they see your ad.


Although currently, these three ads are the ‘holy trinity’ of mobile advertising, the industry is always changing and evolving so keep an eye on emerging trends. At AlgoriX, we cover a range of ad formats to cater to your unique needs and achieve maximum engagement. For more information, contact us.

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